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Thermal Imaging


Pointer Control Systems using the latest technology can provide Infrared thermal imaging to customers. Our highly trained HVAC service team provide a speedy and accurate assessment of the services within the building without disruption to busy areas and critical systems.

Thermography has impacted on a wide spectrum of sectors. Manufacturing, medicine, building, farming, electrical, safety and security have all benefited from its use. In the HVAC sector, thermal imaging is proving to be a invaluable tool for non-invasive inspection, validation, predictive maintenance and fault diagnosis for virtually all types electrical and ventilation systems.

Thermal Imaging



In the example above the heating function is being verified, but in the second example cooling is not apparent on the second outlet grill. With a more in depth investigation, our engineers diagnose a mechanical problem as being defective control valves on the system.

A thermal imaging survey of control panels and distribution boards to detect hot spots caused by loose connections, overloaded circuits, corrosion and contact degradation. Early detection will facilitate a prompt and speedy response to potential failures.

Such symptoms indicate problems and allow for early or planned intervention.

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