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Smoke System Control Panels


Damper Control System


  • Distributed I/O with web based graphical interface.
  • Multi zone alarms. Fully scalable system.
  • Typical Wiring: Looped Comms network, standard dampers with looped or local power supplies.



Damper Control Systems



Standard Features
  • Simplified wiring. Looped or local mains feed.
  • Can be used with standard damper actuators.
  • Individual control, monitoring and indication for each damper.
  • Automatic/Manual testing of dampers.
  • Easy identification & location of plant through graphics layouts.
  • Reset of faults via keyswitch.
  • Remote fault output to bms system.
  • Standalone or integrated system.
Custom Features
  • Bacnet, Lon, Modbus compatibility.
  • Flush mounting.
  • Dual supply or UPS Backup.
  • Glazed lockable door.

Fan Control System

Multiple zone alarms and dampers – Double knock / 2 stage alarm facility hardwired.


Standard Features
  • Individual fan control via keyswitch at panel. (Test, Normal, Off).
  • IP65 Enclosure for roof mounting.
  • Remote override from Fireman’s switch.
  • Automatic changeover if duty fan fails.
  • Timed interlock for Dual fans.
  • Status output signal to BMS.
Custom Features
  • Manual / Automatic damper testing.
  • Automatic changeover for dual mains/backup supplies.
  • Fire mode control of primary Air Plant.


Fan Control System

Integration Technology

Adding value to your system through innovation. Making your Bacnet, Modbus ,M-Bus, LONWORKS®, KNX™ systems work as one, through your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Integration Technology


System Upgrades
  • Tablet / Smartphone apps for access over internet.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Email / SMS alarm capability.
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